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Organisational structure of the Museum

Director’s Division

Departments of the Director’s Division are directly subordinate to the Director and carry out tasks assigned by the Director.

Content Division

The Content Division encompasses all Branches of the Museum. It also oversees academic research, educational activities, and works on the content of exhibition and event scripts.

Inventory Division

The Inventory Division is responsible for generally understood inventory of collected items and any activities connected to it.

Conservation-Restoration Division

The Conservation-Restoration Division is composed of three laboratories whose task is to preserve items from the collection of the Museum, carry out research and keep conservation records. It is also responsible for preparing items to be exhibited and transported and for supervising the movement of items.

Investment Division

The Investment Division is responsible for realising investments and supervising them, as well as for taking care of the buildings and infrastructure of the Museum.

Administration Division

The Administration Division provides services related to day-to- day operation and security of the Museum.

Finance Division

The Finance Division provides financial and accounting services to the Museum.