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Regained capital. Warsaw 1915-1918

Regained capital. Warsaw 1915-1918

The First World War was to Warsaw the period of changes that flourished after Poland regained its independence. Not only the dramatic events of the war, but also the political, administrative and social changes revolutionised the life of the city. When the war broke out, Warsaw was the capital of one of the governorates of the Russian Empire; when it finished, the city became the capital of the independent, reborn Polish state. The change was due to huge social involvement of the citizens who often varied in terms of background, orientation and vision of the political future of the state. In 1918, Warsaw had organised administrative structures and several thousands of qualified officials ready to take charge of the city’s enlarged territory.

Regained capital. Warsaw 1915-1918 will consist of exhibits from our collection, as well as objects borrowed from other Warsaw museums. You will be able to see a large selection of photographs by Stanisław Nofok-Sowiński and Henryk Poddębski, a collection of photographs by German artists from the Sightseeing Society, plans of the changing Warsaw, works of Warsaw-based artists, such as Józef Rapacki and Stanisław Jabłczyński, and patriotic jewellery from various societies and social organisations.


the exhibition is open:

26 september – 30 december 2018




Barbara Hensel-Moszczyńska, Anna Topolska


Curatorial Cooperation
Piotr Głogowski


Exhibition design

Wojciech Cichecki



Barbara Domaradzka, Elżbieta Petruk, Katarzyna Białach, Monika Mazurek


Graphic Design

Norbert Strukow



Zofia Sochańska



Katarzyna Szaniawska, Alan Lockwood


Project execution

Ksenia Góreczna, Ewa Lenczewska, Marek Lisik, Krzysztof Świerczewski, Michał Tański


Educational program

Radosław Adamski, Jan Bliźniak, Ewa Grzywacz, Patryk Jaworek, Anna Kobyłecka, Teresa Łempicka, Anna Marks, Katarzyna Szafrańska, Anna Marta Zdanowska



Robert Kołodziejski, Agata Kłos, Igor Nowak, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie (The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw)


Collection Sharing Department

Grzegorz Konsalik, Lan Tran Hai



Status Quo


Part of the exhibits made available courtesy of

Archiwum Państwowego w Warszawie (The State Archive in Warsaw), Filmoteki Narodowej – Instytutu Audiowizualnego (National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute), Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie (National Museum in Warsaw), Muzeum Teatralnego (Theatre Museum), Muzeum Wojska Polskiego (Polish Army Museum), Zygmunta Hartwiga