The Renewal

The project entitled “The Modernization, Conservation and Digitisation of Historical Facilities of the Museum of Warsaw’s Principal Seat at the Old Market Square [Rynek Starego Miasta] in Warsaw” benefits from support funding under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism within “The Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage” programme area. The support is provided by the Norwegian Funds and the EEA funds from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as well as local resources.

The Museum of Warsaw is one of the three projects selected for support funding following the appeal procedure in respect of the call for proposals in the “Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage” programme area. With a grant of over PLN 15 million, the Museum will be able to modernise its operations. The project had been recommended by the Projects Selection Committee in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and it was granted support funding under the programme area “Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage” financed under EEA 2009-2014 Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. The net cost of this investment is PLN 49 834 621.00, of which PLN 15 313 320.00 in support funding. The total project cost stands at PLN 60 297 591.00. The project comprises the revitalisation and revaluation of the 11 buildings of historical merit, which are the principal seat of the Museum of Warsaw. Selected museum items: pictures, engravings and silver, will undergo conservation and digitisation. Moreover, the Museum plans to put in place state-of-the-art infrastructure for the digitisation service, the aim being to provide digital reproductions of valuable movable assets of historical merit which, owing to new communication techniques, will then become available to larger numbers of viewers. The physical scope of the project will increase the facility’s attractiveness for different viewer groups, including persons with a disability, just as it will make it possible to develop a more varied and attractive cultural and educational offer. Once the first part of the exposition concept – one presenting the most interesting collections and highlighting the special, unique features of Museum’s exhibits – is implemented, culture will become more accessible to the Varsovians and tourists alike. The planned overhaul will cover all the interiors at No 28-42 Old Market Square, other than the cellars, which already underwent renovation. All collections, including the rich iconography collection, will need to be removed from the Old Market Square. During the modernisation phase the Museum will operate in the Palace of Culture and Science.