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24.05.2018 / News

Even more Things of Warsaw from 9 June 2018

Even more Things of Warsaw from 9 June 2018

13 new themed rooms and almost 3500 new things of Warsaw you will be able to see from June 2018 in the Museum of Warsaw in the Old Town Market Square. The opening of the accomplished core exhibition ‘Things of Warsaw’ will be two-day festivities that will take place both inside and outside the museum. We are looking forward to seeing you 9–10 June!

In June 2018, the Museum of Warsaw is opening 13 new themed rooms to the public – in its brilliantly refurbished headquarters. Altogether the new core exhibition ‘Things of Warsaw’ will present the museum’s extraordinary collection with nearly 7500 objects on display in 21 themed rooms. The Things of Warsaw are artworks as well as everyday objects – all original items. Each object tells its own story of Warsaw.

The exhibition helps exploring the city through architectural details, photographs and postcards, souvenirs, clothing, and more. Alone, these items seem to be nothing more than memorabilia, together, they become an intricate story of an intricate, developing city. Visitors will be able to choose a variety of ways to navigate the exhibition, they will have the possibility of creating their own stories of Warsaw.

“In twenty-one Rooms the visitors will come across the Things – witnesses to and participants of the history of Warsaw. They serve as a pretext to tell the story of their owners and creators, breakthrough events and long-term processes. We do not present one history; we do not construct one narrative. While touring the eleven Old-Town tenement houses, each visitor is offered an opportunity to narrate – at their own pace and following their own route – their own history of Warsaw,” comments Jarosław Trybuś, Deputy Director for Content of the Museum of Warsaw.

The visitors will have an option to tour the exhibition via an individually set route or choosing an audio guide. We will be able to see e.g.:

  • Room of Clothing – Amongst the garments and accessories presented in the Room there are both items of everyday clothing, which served the needs of comfort, and exquisite attires which were supposed to bear testimony to the status of their owners.
  • Room of Warsaw Packaging – Packaging serves to protect and advertise products while offering a plethora of information concerning the period of production, names, last names and addresses of manufacturers, graphic designs and motifs, as well as advertising and propaganda content.
  • Room of Architectural Drawings – The architectural drawings presented in the Room constitute the concept, design and construction stage documentation of Warsaw buildings. The collection of the Museum of Warsaw comprises more than 11,000 such items. They relate to both built and non-existent buildings; those that have never been erected and those which disappeared in the course of time.

And much more.

Museum of Warsaw is entering a new era of its 80-year-old history. The Museum houses over 300,000 objects which form the largest collection of items relating to Warsaw history. Its role and mission is not merely retelling its story, but also building a sense of connection with its symbols, tradition and the past generations of residents.