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Inventory Division

The Inventory Division is responsible for generally understood inventory of collected items and all related activities.

Head Inventory Supervisor
Grzegorz Konsalik
phone no. (+48) 22 656 60 66


Item Storage Department

The Item Storage Department is responsible for internal organisation of collection storage rooms, receiving and issuing collected items, and keeping records of internal movement of items. It also directly oversees conditions inside storage rooms.

Zuzanna Sieroszewska-Rolewicz
phone no. (+48) 22 656 60 69

Collection Sharing Department

The Collection Sharing Department oversees and keeps records of exterior movement of items, oversees items leased to the Museum, organises and coordinates exterior queries carried out in the Museum, oversees procurement concerning visual documentation of the collection.

Agata Korycka-Marciniak
phone no. (+48) 22 656 60 67

Collection Inventory Department

The Collection Inventory Department takes inventory, updates inventory and labels collected items, develops and archives visual documentation of the collection. It also registers and archives all documents concerning accession of items.

Seat of department head vacant