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10.06.2019 / Educational activities, News

Sketching in the Museum of Warsaw

Sketching in the Museum of Warsaw

Just start and don’t worry about the final result.

Come see how fun drawing can be – free yourself from the thought that drawing is worth something only when you are able to create a masterpiece.
Sketching helps you to relax and gives the opportunity to express your emotions. No matter how old you are, where you come from, what your profession is, whether you are retired or studying, or whether you have ever attended “drawing lessons”.

While visiting the main building of the Museum of Warsaw, you can use materials available at the permanent exhibition at any time. Grab a pad or a sheet of paper and a pencil and draw whatever interests you. It can be a picture, a sculpture, a medal or a piece of clothing. Or maybe you are intrigued by a view from a window, a ceiling or a door handle?

You can take your sketch with you as a souvenir or leave it in the museum. We will be happy to publish it on Facebook and on our website (if you like, you can leave us your contact information to a social media account).

If you prefer drawing in a group, come to our workshops organised every fourth Saturday of the month. From 16.00 to 17.30 we run classes for youths and adults. In various spaces of the museum we sketch with pencils, charcoal and markers. Due to the historic interiors and for the safety of the exhibits, we do not use paints, ink or other water techniques. You can use the materials available here or bring your own favourite utensils.

Drawing in a group is an experience that broadens horizons. We can observe the work of other people and become inspired by them or see the differences in looking at the same thing.

Children aged 6–12 who love to draw, we invite to the “Family drawing” workshops, also on every fourth Saturday of the month, from 11.00 to 12.00. Adults looking after their children are also encouraged to join in. Time spent together allows you to deepen your bonds while having fun.

Children like new challenges, constant change and being active. To better suit these needs, we adapt the dynamics of the classes, during which we not only draw museum exhibits, but also experiment heavily with various drawing techniques.