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16.01.2019 / Uncategorized

The River of Treasures

The River of Treasures

The film presents the story of sculptures which had been lying at the bottom of the Vistula River for 350 years. During a three-year expedition a group of researchers from the University of Warsaw collected almost 100 architectural pieces. These treasures are the only remnants of the 17th-century Warsaw architecture preserved. The most valuable of them can be found in the Room of Architectural Details in the Museum of Warsaw.

The film poses a question of who can be regarded an “owner” of the pieces of art belonging to the common European history. The authors have no claims. They focus on finding a solution which would allow us to use the treasures beyond borders and historical conflicts—the solution which would become a part of cultural heritage of Europe.

“The River of Treasures” is screened from Tuesday to Thursday at 17.00.

It lasts 70 minutes and is available in English.


Single tickets (available at the ticket desk):

regular 10 PLN

concession 7 PLN