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07.06.2019 / News, The Praga Museum of Warsaw

The Senses Zone – family picnic at the Praga Museum of Warsaw

The Senses Zone – family picnic at the Praga Museum of Warsaw


We invite you to the senses zone created at the Museum’s courtyard. Family time will be accompanied by the development of sensory perception. In the sensory zones you will be able to go through a complicated maze, practice your peripheral vision, paint family portraits with your hands, prepare dolls from various materials available around you or play some forgotten movement games.

As you rest on the museum’s lounge chairs, you will be able to hear a collection of records documenting ordinary and unusual Praga sounds. There will be games with the use of blocks and an urban garden. There will also be an opportunity to taste the flavours of the city – handmade ice-cream or other flavours of Praga’s multiculturalism.

We invite you to the Praga Museum of Warsaw  from 11.00 to 16.00! The entrance is free.

The Hearing Zone

Summer stage in the courtyard of The Praga Museum of Warsaw

On 8 June at the Hearing Zone we will make our own instruments together, try some musical improvisation and experiment with various sounds. Activities in the zone will be enriched by a performance of the artists from the Sirens Chamber Choir.


The Touch Zone

Entrance to the courtyard of the Warsaw Praga Museum from Kępna street

Acquiring knowledge with the palm of your hand can be an unforgettable adventure, especially if the experience is accompanied by a creative process. In this space, we will paint family portraits and Praga landscapes using our hands instead of brushes. Together we will also plant the summer museum garden with herbs and flowers. There will be opportunities to design and make a spatial, fragrant postcard from the Praga Museum of Warsaw and to sew dolls using recyclable materials from Praga’s craft workshops.


The Taste Zone

The courtyard of the Warsaw Praga Museum – entrance from the side of the Niebieski Syfon restaurant

We will prepare common, aromatic dishes related to the multicultural tradition of Praga. Jewish soups, Russian pancakes, Vietnamese salads, Indian curries – all of which we will prepare with our neighbour’s – non-Polish-speaking residents of Warsaw who will also lead the workshops. Apart from Polish, part of the workshop will be held in English and part in Russian.

In the zone of flavors you can also buy craft ice cream and healthy, colorful, nonalcoholic cocktails.


The Sight Zone

The courtyard of the Praga Museum of Warsaw

The heart of the museum courtyard will turn into a setting for interactive optical games that will develop mindfulness and peripheral vision. The visual tasks set in the museum’s inspiring architectural space will surely be entertaining for the whole family.


The Smell Zone

Next to the glass wall of the conference room in the Praga Museum of Warsaw

In this zone, your nose will be your guide through a labyrinth of scents. During the olfactory workshops, we will play the role of alchemists. Self-prepared perfumes, cosmetics and medicinal oils will make help make memories of this picnic in “Zone of Senses” last longer.