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23.05.2017 / News, Publications

“The Things of Warsaw” book

“The Things of Warsaw” book

“The Things of Warsaw” includes an introduction by the main curator, Dr. Jarosław Trybus, and an article by Dr. Maria Wróblewska on the role of things in museums and their microhistories which make the city’s history. Beside that, there are texts about each of the 21 rooms written by their curators, where they explain their concept and tell stories of the selected objects.

“A sugar cube left behind by a convict in a cell of the Tenth Pavilion at the Warsaw Citadel, preserved by the family as a relic; smashed bottles from the Royal Pharmacy, which owe their rainbowy shine of ancient glassware to the flames of fires; magnificent silver tableware from wealthy Warsaw houses; linen identification tag embroidered by a mother for her child during the siege of Warsaw; views of the city preserved by artists, a city both beautiful and unsightly, ruined and proudly commemorating its reconstruction- hundreds of objects, each carrying in itself a chapter from the history of Warsaw. Grand History as well as microhistories, they are innumerable and still alive: private, family, handed down in memories and stories. Only when woven together do they create a multi-layered, dense and tangled historic tissue of the city.

Things of Warsaw- those unforgettable, such as the famous image by an insurgent photographer which shows the explosion of a missile hitting the Prudential edifice on 28 August 1944, and those forgotten, such as crochet hooks used to lace women’s corsets. They do not offer us  single story of the city’s past. They refer to emotions, memory, imagination, which can sometimes be activated by a seemingly trivial splinter of the bygon eras. Thus, everyone can build their own history of the extraordinary  city of Warsaw, and feel part of that history.”

Prof. Maria Poprzęcka


Book concept: Jarosław Trybuś

Texts: Małgorzata Berezowska, Karolina Blusiewicz, Jacek Bochiński, Julian Borkowski, Tomasz Bylicki, Agnieszka Dąbrowska, Paweł Ignaczak, Elżbieta Kamińska, Ewa Klekot, Anna Kotańska, Jolanta Niklewska, Ewa Perlińska-Kobierzyńska, Monika Siwińska, Andrzej Skalimowski, Aleksandra Sołtan-Lipska, Anna Topolska, Jarosław Trybuś, Katarzyna Wagner, Paweł E. Weszpiński, Ewa Wieruch-Jankowska, Marcin Więcek, Magdalena Wróblewska, Krzysztof Zwierz

Translation: Łukasz Mojsak

Editing: Agnieszka Rasmus-Zgorzelska

Proofreading: Zofia Sochańska

Photographs: Igor Oleś, Adrian Czechowski

Post-production of photographs: Holubowicz Postproduction Studio

Graphic design and layout: Anna Piwowar

Managing editors: Małgorzata Mycielska, Agnieszka Rasmus-Zgorzelska


176 pages

Published by: Museum of Warsaw

1st edition

Warsaw 2017

Print run: 5000 copies