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16.08.2018 / News

What is heritage? The new urban game

What is heritage? The new urban game

Sixty-five years ago, the Old Town began to live again. It is estimated that the war damage that covered the historical center of the city amounted to 85-90%. Post-war reconstruction gave a fresh face to the site. What is the difference between the present and prewar state? Who and what contributed to the unique on a global scale reconstruction of the city, which was deliberately and completely destroyed? How to know that something is a part of our heritage?

The Museum of Warsaw invites to explore the history of the Old Town while walking through one of two thematic paths. Start your adventure and discover the mysteries from the Old Town at the Old Town Market Square 42 or at and the Heritage Interpretation Center on 11/13 Brzozowa Street. Backpacks filled with creative tasks will be waiting there for you. The game takes place within the Old Town walls.
Your task will be, among other things, to create a decorative sgraffito or to correctly arrange the puzzle, to find out how the building looked before the war. Playing the role of a detective, equipped with a compass and binoculars, you will decipher the names of streets and buildings in the Old Town.


The activity “What is heritage?” will last until the end of October. All materials are also available in English.


WHO: youth, adults, families with children

DURATION: 1.5 hours – 2 hours

PICK UP POINTS: the ticket offices of the Museum of Warsaw (Old Town Market Square 42) and the Heritage Interpretation Center (11/13 Brzozowa Street)

Tuesday-Sunday, between 10AM and 4PM



Detailed descriptions of thematic paths:

Adventure in the Old Town

How it used to live in the Old Town? During the walk the participants will play the role of merchants coming to the seventeenth-century Warsaw. They will learn about important historical events, find out how the city looked like before, who lived in it and what the inhabitants dealt with. Participants’ will find all the answers by themselves, observing the buildings and decorations of the Warsaw Old Town.


Reconstruction of the Old Town in Warsaw

The entire Old Town in Warsaw is one big, amazing monument – the most remarkable thing is that it was rebuilt after war damage and the oldest building is 71 years old. What did the reconstruction process look like and what decisions were made at that time? What do we find by wandering the alleys of the historical center of Warsaw? During the walk, the participants will search for answers directly in the Old Town space.