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26.04.2017 / News, The Renewal

Grand Opening of the Museum of Warsaw / 26-28th May [press conference]

Grand Opening of the Museum of Warsaw / 26-28th May [press conference]


– We invite Varsovians as well as tourists for a two-day open to all celebration at the Old Town Market Square. We have planned plenty of attractions: nighttime screenings, illuminations on the tenement houses’ facades and a concert of Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra. We have also prepared a surprise for all those who will visit the Old Town that weekend. “The Museum will step out” for these two days to present a section of its core exhibition titled “The Things of Warsaw” outdoors, at the Old Town Market Square.  The celebration will commence on Friday, 26 May, at 8pm. We hope to see you all on that unique occasion! – Ewa Nekanda-Trepka, director of the Museum of Warsaw.

Program of the Opening of the Museum of Warsaw

26-28 May 2017


  • Speeches delivered by the Guests and the Museum management
  • Sinfonia Varsovia in concert

Screenings on the tenement houses’ facades: 9PM – 2AM

Art installation opening times: 11AM – 7.30PM

Museum of Warsaw opening times (free admission): 9PM – 2AM


Saturday 27 May 2017

Museum of Warsaw opening times (entrance fee): 10AM – 7PM

Art installation opening times: 11AM – 8.30PM

Screenings on the tenement houses’ facades: 21.00 – 02.00


Sunday 28 May 2017

Museum of Warsaw opening times (entrance fee): 10AM – 7PM

Art installation opening times: 11AM – 8.30PM

Screenings on the tenement houses’ facades: 9PM – 10PM


Along with the re-opening its principal seat, the Museum of Warsaw is entering a new era of its 80-year-old history. The Museum houses over 300,000 objects which form the largest collection of items relating to Warsaw history. Its role and mission is not merely retelling its story, but also building a sense of connection with its symbols, tradition and the past generations of residents.

The new exhibition The Things of Warsaw, along with its accompanying sections: The Warsaw Data, History of the Tenement Houses is spread over 5 floors of 11 restored tenement houses and constitutes the fruit of 4 years of intense work by the team of 32 curators, as well as the entire Museum team of employees.

The Things of Warsaw equals 7,352 objects located in 21 rooms. These are artworks as well as everyday objects – all original items. The visitors will have an option to tour the exhibition via an individually set route or choosing one of four original routes. The Museum invited eminent personalities whose lives and activities are closely related with the city to cooperate in mapping out the routes, i.a. Beata Tyszkiewicz, Jurek Owsiak, Jan Komasa, Professor Maria Poprzęcka. In May, a route mapped out by Bartosz Panek – a journalist and commentator at Polish Radio Two, laureate of, among others, the 2014 Prix Italia – will be opened. The route follows all the Rooms and the key items which the curators deem as particularly meaningful due to their origin, direct connection to the history of the city, uniqueness, or the person of its author or owner. The tour has also been prepared with people with vision or hearing impairment in mind. The premiere of the author routes is planned for October.

The accompanying sections of the core exhibition will be of vital importance: infographics of The Warsaw Data which will present – in an attractive and often baffling fashion – data pertaining to the city of Warsaw. They are aimed to inspire the visitors to seek answers to questions such as: to whom does Warsaw owe its growth? Who are and were the city inhabitants? How did they use to live? How do they live nowadays? What constitutes the city centre, where are its boundaries? History of the Tenenemt Houses, on the other hand, is a space where the visitors will be able to discover the stories of transformation of the historic buildings which now house the Museum as well as the most curious elements of their architecture.

The overall cost of the investment exceeds 64 million PLN. Over 18 million comes from the Norwegian Grant (The Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Era Financial Mechanism), 46 million comes from the City of Warsaw investment donation.

The Museum of Warsaw was established in 1936. It is housed in eleven historic tenement houses at the Old Town Market Square, entered into the UNESCO List of the World Heritage in 1980. The Museum of Warsaw also runs nine external branches, including The Praga Museum of Warsaw, the Heritage Interpretation Centre and the Museum of Printing.

For the past 80 years, our Museum’s mission has been collecting, storing, developing and making available its holdings related to Warsaw. By way of exhibitions, publishing, education and cultural events, the Museum has been helping its visitors getting acquainted with the phenomenon of Warsaw.

In the years 2014-2017, the Rebuilt project has been running – it encompasses modernisation, conservation and digitisation of the historic objects held by the Museum, as well as the realisation of the new core exhibition. The project will be concluded with the opening of the restored and modernised Museum of Warsaw on 26-28 May 2017.