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Educational activities

Warsaw is a fascinating town, both when it comes to its history and its present condition. The mission of the Museum of Warsaw is to present and explain the phenomenon of the Polish capital. Educational activities organised in the museum and its branches are aimed at translating these issues into the language of children and youth and sharing knowledge in an accessible and engaging way. The activities combine theoretical elements with a hands-on approach – for instance with manual workshops or interesting field trips. Participants of the educational activities in the Museum of Warsaw create street art, carry out chemical experiments in the Museum of Pharmacy, print greeting cards and linocuts in the Museum of Printing.

We present brief descriptions of the activities organised in the Museum of Warsaw and its branches – we provide information on the thematic content, outline, duration of the activities and define age groups which they are dedicated to. Our aim is for this folder to be a source of information for parents, guardians, and teachers who wish to instil passion for Warsaw and curiosity of the world on younger generations. Teachers may also find it to be a valuable addition to the teaching curriculum and an opportunity to leave the school building with their pupils and kindle their interest in a new, inspiring reality.

We invite you to use our service called Museum on Demand. The Education Department conducts special on-demand educational classes on a topic selected by you. The service is dedicated to those of you in need of something extraordinary, for instance to teachers who seek to break the school routine with deeply engaging activities. We create thematic walking routes, workshops, lectures on Warsaw, outdoor games. These can be carried out in a selected spot in the town, in your school or in the Museum of Warsaw or one of its branches.