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Temporary Rules of Visiting the Museum of Warsaw

§ 1 General Provisions

The Temporary Rules of Visiting The Museum of Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as the “Temporary Visiting Rules”) apply to exhibitions at all locations of The Museum of Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as the “Museum”).

Visitors can enter the Museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions by purchasing an admission ticket or by invitation. Tickets can be purchased online at www.bilety.muzeumwarszawy.pl/en/ and at ticket offices. The Museum recommends purchasing tickets online.

Detailed information about the Museum’s offer and opening hours is available at the ticket offices and on the Museum’s website at www.muzeumwarszawy.pl/en/ and can be obtained by phone at + 48 (22) 227 44 02.

The Museum’s exhibitions can be accessed by individual visitors or by organised groups.

Restrictions apply concerning the number of visitors staying at each location of The Museum of Warsaw at the same time:

a) The Museum of Warsaw – principal venue – permanent exhibit 80 people, temporary exhibits 28 people; Syrena Cinema a maximum of 24 people.

b) Warsaw Praga Museum – 50 people;

c) Old Town Reconstruction Museum – Monument Interpretation Centre – 30 people;

d) Museum – Palmiry Memorial – 40 people;

e) Museum of Wola – 50 people;

f) Museum of Pharmacy – 15 people;

g) Museum of the Military Diocese – 15 people;

h) Museum of Printing – 15 people;

i) Korczakianum Studio – 15 people;

6. Museum staff will do their utmost to ensure compliance with the above restrictions. Persons over the authorised number will be admitted to the Museum as soon as earlier visitors have left the premises.

7. The maximum number of persons participating in open-air events is:

1) 50 people in the yard in the principal location of The Museum of Warsaw – the Lapidarium,

2) 150 people in the yard of Warsaw Praga Museum.

8. The Museum can hold guided tours of exhibitions, provided that:

1) the following restrictions on the number of participants apply

a) up to 15 persons for a temporary exhibition at the principal location;

b) up to 15 persons for a permanent exhibition at the principal location;

c) up to 15 persons for exhibitions in other Museum branches,

Please note that the number of participants of individual events will be at the discretion of the Museum.

2) participation in a guided tour requires collecting or purchasing a ticket in advance;

3) the participants are obliged to observe the safety and sanitation rules in force in the Museum.

9. Other forms of group visits to exhibitions are discontinued.

10. Open-air walks may be organised on condition the participants observe the rules laid down by national and local government authorities for activities in the open air. The walk may be attended by 25 people at a time, with a minimum social distance of 1.5 m.

11. Due to the need to strictly observe the limit of the number of participants, all events organised by the Museum will be distributed through the sales system with a specific number of entrance tickets, also in the case of events held free of charge.

12. The cloakroom is not to be used. Where possible, visitors will be provided with self-service lockers. Persons moving around with bags or rucksacks are asked to exercise special caution.

13. Visitors are asked not to leave valuables in their luggage or in the lockers, as the Museum accepts no liability.

14. Items left unattended outside the lockers will be collected within 48 hours at the reception desk of the Museum, after which time they may be removed from the Museum.

15. Audio-guides, any listening devices made available by means of headphones and any interactive multimedia activated by touch are out of service.

§ 2 Rules of Stay on the Museum Premises

After entering the Museum, visitors are obliged to disinfect their hands with the disinfectant placed in the entrance area of the Museum.

Additionally, visitors are recommended to disinfect their hands as often as possible with the use of disinfectant located in generally accessible areas across the Museum.

Visitors are required to wear protective face masks while on the premises of the Museum, including in the Museum Shop. Each person visiting the Museum should have their own protective mask or other mouth and nose covering, or else purchase the mask at the ticket office or in the Museum Shop immediately upon entering the Museum.

Only one person is allowed at the cash desk. Other persons are obliged to keep a distance of 2 metres.

Visitors are obliged to keep a distance of at least 2 metres from other persons (except situations permitted by law).

Museum tours take place only along the designated route, in one direction, and visitors cannot turn back.

Visits to the Museum by persons with disabilities may be conducted with partial assistance of a Museum employee. In this case, a deviation from the designated route is permitted, as indicated by a Museum employee. A person with disabilities may be accompanied by a guide dog.

Visitor traffic is managed by the Museum staff, whose instructions are to be followed unconditionally.

Visitors are asked to abstain from touching any surfaces and objects, including elements of display cases, such as drawers, magnifying glasses, etc. to the absolute minimum.

The lift can be used by one person at a time. Moreover, the lift can be used simultaneously by a guardian accompanying a child and a person accompanying a person with disabilities.

Visitors are kindly asked to keep to the lines marked on the floor and mind the barriers, if any have been placed on Museum premises.

Participants of events in open spaces, such as the courtyard of the Warsaw Praga Museum and the Lapidarium, are to follow social distancing rules and keep a 2-metre distance from others. Wearing protective masks is recommended.

Participants of workshops organised by the Museum are additionally obliged to wear gloves. The Museum will provide disposable gloves at its own expense for participants of workshops organised by the Museum.

Every person staying on the Museum premises is asked to follow the safety rules, comply with the provisions of the Temporary Visiting Rules and mind the instructions of the Museum staff.

Children under 10 years of age can visit the Museum only under the care of an adult.

School groups remain under the care of a teacher or guardian.

Visitors to the Museum are requested to:

1) respect the rights of other visitors to view museum exhibitions in peace and quiet,

2) refrain from any consumption of beverages and food in the exhibition rooms,

3) refrain from touching museum objects for conservation reasons.

18. Smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes is strictly forbidden on the Museum premises. Failure to observe this instruction may result in activation of fire protection systems.

19. Carrying weapons and other dangerous objects on the Museum premises is forbidden.

20. The last admission to the exhibition takes place:

a) one hour before closing time for the principal location,

b) 30 minutes before closing time in the case of the Museum’s branches.

§ 3 Taking pictures and filming

Visitors can take photographs and make videos without using a flash on the Museum premises and in its exhibits in a way which does not inconvenience other visitors.

Unlawful use of images of collections and persons is forbidden.

The Museum is not responsible for the photographers’ infringement of the economic and personal rights of the authors of the objects on display.

§ 4 Museum Safety Rules

Having visitors’ safety in mind, the Museum premises are monitored by a CCTV system.

The Museum is located in buildings or historic areas converted for museum purposes, so special care must be taken by visitors moving around exhibition halls and passageways (high thresholds, narrow or low passages, steep stairs).

The Museum has designated rooms equipped with personal protective equipment and disinfectants for isolating Visitors who develop symptoms of ill health or illness.

Public health instructions concerning the correct way of washing and disinfecting hands have been placed around the Museum. Visitors are asked to read the information provided and follow the hygiene rules outlined.

Information containing the name, address and telephone number of the nearest epidemiological station, address and telephone number of the nearest infectious diseases ward as well as telephone numbers to medical services are available in the entrance areas.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the Museum to persons with obvious symptoms of illness (e.g. coughing, sneezing, with a fever).

§ 5 Miscellaneous

Temporary Visiting Rules are available at the ticket offices and on the Museum’s website: www.muzeumwarszawy.pl/en/.

The Museum reserves the right to amend the Temporary Visiting Rules.

The Museum accepts no liability for any events arising from failure to comply with the provisions of the Temporary Visiting Rules and/or instructions of Museum staff. Stay on the Museum premises obliges the visitor to comply with the Temporar