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Rules of Visiting the Museum of Warsaw

§ 1 General Provisions

The Rules and Regulations for Visiting (hereinafter referred to as “Rules and Regulations”) apply to expositions at all locations of the Museum of Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as “the Museum”).

Entry to the permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Museum is granted upon presentation of an entrance ticket or invitation.

Detailed information on the Museum’s offer and opening hours is available at the ticket desks and on the Museum’s website: www.muzeumwarszawy.pl, or by calling + 48 (22) 227 44 02.

§ 2 Rules for Visiting the Museum of Warsaw

The exhibitions presented at the Museum can be viewed individually or in organised groups.

A ticket must be purchased prior to entering the exhibition. The up-to-date price list is available at the ticket desks and on the Museum’s website: www.muzeumwarszawy.pl. Persons entitled to an exemption from the fee receive a free ticket at the ticket desk.

Each person visiting the Museum is obliged to follow the rules of safety, the Provisions of the Rules and Regulations for Visiting and the Museum staff instruction.

Upon request, the Museum provides a disabled person with the Museum employee’s assistance for the duration of the visit. A disabled person may be accompanied by a guide dog.

Children under the age of 10 may only visit the Museum accompanied by an adult.

School groups remain under the supervision of their teacher/guardian.

Visitors are requested:

  • to respect the rights of other visitors to view museum exhibitions in peace and quiet
  • not to eat or drink in the exhibition area,
  • not to touch the objects due to conservation reasons.

Smoking of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes is strictly forbidden within the Museum premises. Failure to abide by this rule may result in activation of fire protection systems.

Weapons and other dangerous objects may not be brought upon the Museum premises.

§ 3 Taking photographs and filming

Photography and filming of the Museum interiors and exhibits on display is permitted in the Museum. The use of flash is not permitted.

Taking photographs and filming must not disturb other visitors. It is not permissible to make any changes to the exposition.

Images of collections and persons should not be used in an unlawful manner.

The Museum is not responsible for the infringement of proprietary and personal copyrights of the authors of the items on display by photographers.

§ 4 Safety rules at the Museum

For the safety of visitors, the Museum grounds are covered by a monitoring system.

As the Museum is housed in buildings or historic areas adapted for museum purposes, special care must be taken while moving around the exhibition halls and passageways (high thresholds, narrow or low passages, steep stairs).

For your convenience and safety, visitors are requested to leave their luggage (rucksacks, bags, suitcases), umbrellas and coats in the cloakroom. Please do not leave valuable items in your luggage or coats in the cloakroom as the Museum may not be held responsible for them.

Items left unattended outside the cloakroom shall be removed from the Museum.

§ 5 Final Povisions

The Rules and Regulations are available at the ticket desks and on the Museum’s website: www.muzeumwarszawy.pl.

The Museum reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations.

The Museum shall not be liable for any incidents resulting from non-compliance with the Provisions of the Rules and Regulations and/or recommendations by the Museum staff.

Visiting the Museum is equivalent to the commitment of the visitor to abide by the Rules and Regulations.

The Rules and Regulations come into effect on the day of their publication.