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New Polish Poster Exhibition at the Old Hairdresser's in Glasgow

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Even More Things of Warsaw Soon! The Opening of the New Themed Rooms 9th June 2018

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The Things on Exhibition. Conference 18–19 June 2018

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Nine Men’s Morris. The board found during excavation works in the area of the Royal Castle in Warsaw

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The Microcosm of Things: Public and Private Lives of Collections

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Before coming to the museum

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The Opening of the New Themed Rooms 9th June 2018. We are looking forward to seeing You! The Museum of Warsaw in the Old Town Market Square is now open to the public. Visit us! Daily core exhibition tours in English start at 2pm. The curator presents one extraordinary Thing of Warsaw of her/his choice. Please gather in front of the Syrena Cinema (42 Old Town Market Square/Rynek Starego Miasta 42).

A Starter Guide

28-42 Old Town Market Square
00-272 Warsaw

Getting here

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-7pm
TICKETS (all exhibitions and a visit at the Praga Museum of Warsaw included): 15/20 PLN (concessions/regular). Thursday: free admission. Please keep your ticket! Once the second part of the exhibition opens, you will be able to purchase another ticket with a 50% discount.

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7352 extraordinary, original (no replicas) and uniquely showcased objects help our visitors become acquainted with the phenomenon called Warsaw.

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