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The Things of Warsaw / Room of Medals

Medal „Latawiec”, MHW 29319

„Kite” medal

Kite by Magdalena Dobrucka, one of the leading Polish medallists, provides a perfect example of creative individuality of artists, who practice medallic art using the cast technique, which is more traditional and noble.

Contrary to the commissioned medals which served a documentary function, the socalled artistic medals, author’s own works, afford the freedom of choosing the topic, interpretation of the image and the selection of shape as well as innovative plastic and painterly effects. The contemporary author’s medal ceased to be a small roundel with a double-sided flat relief; the differences between a medal, a medallion and a small sculptural form were gradually being obliterated. As opposed to official medals, offered mainly as souvenirs, gifts and awards, author’s medals emerge from the artist’s inner need and feature mainly in exhibitions, form part of museum holdings and private collections.

They are usually cast in one copy only. This also pertains to Kite, a work by Magdalena Dobrucka (b. 1951) who resides and works in Warsaw. The artist is a graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, a disciple and assistant of Professor Zofia Demkowska (1919–1991).

The dynamic representation of a female figure on the medal is an allegory of the never-ending human pursuits, chasing dreams which fly away. Sculptural elements of the figure which go beyond the medal’s surface and the contrast of the dynamic figure with the smooth surface enhance the impression of movement and boost the dramatic appeal of the representation. The medal offers an example of a combination of modernity and the best traditions of
medallic art.

Kite medal
WARSAW; 2006
MHW 29319
DIA. 16,2 CM

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