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grafika z czterech trójkątów, każdy wypełniony innym obrazem, pierwszy roślina na czarnym tle, drugi stare zdjęcie lasu sosnowego, trzeci  grafika systemu korzeniowego, czwarty zdjęcie konaru drzewa wystającego z wody

22 September, 2021 - 30 January, 2022

How a Forest Returns

grafika z 4 trójkątów, najwyżej roślina na czarnym tle, niżej stare zdjęcie sosnowego lasu, kolejne grafika systemu korzeniowego, ostatnie konar drzewa wystający z wody

How a Forest Returns is a story about a unique experiment which has been going on for the past 60 years and involves Kampinos Forest, where a forest biosphere has been restored on an unprecedented scale. At a time of climate crisis, such actions show the capacity for a radical ecological shift and are definitely worth examining from the perspective of art.

The exhibition is the result of in-depth research and close collaboration between Sayam Ghosh and scholars from Kampinos National Park. Born and raised in Calcutta, Sayam Ghosh has been living in Poland for the past eight years. He chose Warsaw and its environs as the subject matter of his photography projects. Fascinated by the actions taken in Kampinos Forest, he has devoted an entire project to it, summed up by the presented exhibition.

The exhibition launches the operation of Rynek 30 Gallery, a new venue for young artists whose work addresses topics that are relevant and important from the point of view of residents of Warsaw.

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