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08.08.2022 / Activities, News

A Walk with a rucksack – an urban game

A Walk with a rucksack – an urban game

How was it to live in the Old Town in the past? We will answer this question during our walk.

Walks with a rucksack to be held July, August and September will offer a unique opportunity to get to know a different side of Warsaw.

The urban game’s participants will play the role of merchants arriving in 17th-century Warsaw. They will learn about important historic events. They will find out how the city looked in the past, who resided in it, and what the residents occupied themselves with. The participants will find all the answers by themselves, by watching the buildings and decorations in Warsaw’s Old Town.

Zdjęcie. Mapa starego miasta, płócienny plecak z napisem co jest zabytkiem, drewniana ramka ze zdjeciem starego miasta w Warszawie

The course of the game

You need to book the game and then borrow it free of charge at the Museum of Warsaw’s ticket desk. To start playing, you need to follow the guidelines from the instruction using the objects included in the rucksack that you borrow.

Practical information

The game takes place in the Old Town, within the city walls. There is an option of a shorter route along the following streets: Old Town Market Square, Krzywe Koło, Piwna and Szeroki Dunaj, ending next to the Barbican.

For whom: individual visitors and organised groups:

  • families with children (aged 7 and up)
  • youth and adults.

Should younger children participate in the game, it is vital there is a guardian in the group who can help them with reading the instructions and with orientation.  

The optimal number of participants: 5-6 people in a group per each borrowed set
Duration: 90-120 min
Booking: Marcin Matuszewski marcin.matuszewski@muzeumwarszawy.pl
Admission: free
Loan of rucksacks: Thursdays, 11AM – 4PM, at the Museum of Warsaw’s ticket desks, 42 Old Town Market Square

Each set contains:

  • a map of the Old Town, 
  • a notebook-guide containing the rules of the game, a description of the plot and subsequent tasks to be performed, as well as historical trivia,
  • a rucksack with objects necessary to perform the tasks (e.g. coin counting machine, binoculars, a dice). 
plan Starego Miasta, notes-przewodnik zawierający zasady gry, opis fabuły i kolejnych zadań do wykonania oraz ciekawostki historyczne; plecak z przedmiotami potrzebnymi do wykonywania zadań (np. licznik monet, lornetka, czy kość do losowania wydarzeń).