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18.03.2024 / News

“Julia Keilowa. Designer” – audioguide

“Julia Keilowa. Designer” – audioguide

The exhibition “Julia Keilowa. Designer” is the first such wide presentation of the work of an outstanding Warsaw metalwork artist, one of the leading figures of Polish design. The exhibition starts on March 21 and will last until September 1, 2024.

Explore with an audioguide on your phone: SpreakerSpotifyYoutube.


1 Introduction.docx 1 Introduction.pdf
2 Art Déco.docx 2 Art Déco.pdf
3 Emancipation.docx 3 Emancipation.pdf
4 The second wave of emancipation.docx 4 The second wave of emancipation.pdf
5 Julia Keilowa.docx 5 Julia Keilowa.pdf
6 Good design.docx 6 Good design.pdf
7 Fame and oblivion.docx 7 Fame and oblivion.pdf
8 Attribution.docx 8 Attribution.pdf
9 Workshop room.docx 9 Workshop room.pdf