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16.05.2022 / Activities, News

Let’s learn Polish!

Let’s learn Polish!

The Museum of Warsaw carries out language projects and publishes educational materials aimed to help teach Polish language and to acquaint people from abroad with Warsaw’s history and culture.

The Legends of the Old Town in Warsaw

A collection of texts and exercises thematically related to Warsaw’s Old Town. The publication is primarily dedicated to the foreigners learning Polish as a foreign language and their teachers.

Thank to the glossary in Polish, English, Russian and Chinese and the answer key our book is suitable for group and individual studying.

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Warsaw for beginners

A free publication addressed to young visitors from abroad—to pupils and their teachers—was published in collaboration with the Foundation for the Development of Educational System.

The book is an aid to teaching Polish and at the same time an unusual guide to the capital city which includes exercises. Readers will get to know the colourful, fashionable, mysterious, sweet and resonant Warsaw as well as the routes of walks during which they will be able to explore the city using their senses.

The publication includes glossaries in English and Russian, a key to the exercises and a bank of ideas for teachers.

The book can be downloaded from the Foundation website.

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