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Bottle by Haberbusch & Schiele

Bottle by Haberbusch & Schiele

The bottle, made in the interwar period, was manufactured from good-quality white glass by the “Przyszłość” glassworks in Tłuszcz. The vessel is equipped with an airtight cap with porcelain plug. At that time, the producer of the content of the bottle was known under the name of Zjednoczone Browary Warszawskie [United Warsaw Breweries], controlled by the Haberbusch & Schiele company. It was created as a result of the merger of five Warsaw breweries in 1919 due to difficult economic conditions in the country following WWI. Apart from beer, the joint-stock company also produced soda, vodka, and liqueurs. Nonetheless, pale beers and porters were its flagship products, making the brewery the biggest and highest-quality enterprise of that kind in Warsaw.

The history of the brewery goes back to the year 1846, when Błażej Haberbusch, Konstanty Schiele, and Jan Henryk Klawe set up shop in the brewery complex on Krochmalna Street, which they had bought from the Schöffer company. After World War II, the activity of the company was revived by Warszawskie Zakłady Piwowarskie [Warsaw Breweries].

Traces of the original beverage kept inside the bottle from the famous Warsaw-based brewery – beer or lemonade produced almost a hundred years ago – have been preserved in the vessel. How come it survived until the present day is a mystery. The bottle was donated to the collection of the Museum of Warsaw in 2002.