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The Things of Warsaw / Museum of Warsaw | Acquisitions

Opakowanie po czekoladkach „Figurki czekoladowe z likworem”, MHW 29333

Box of „Chocolate figurines with liqueur”

A small box from our collection of boxes of E. Wedel – the most famous Warsaw chocolate factory. The company launched its operation in 1845. The Museum of Warsaw collection includes several dozen boxes, tin cans as well as papers and hobs, imprinted with the company logo, which were used to pack purchased items. The variety and beauty of the packaging is truly unique – the items are adorned with flowery motifs, geometrical ornaments and also vistas of Warsaw or scenes from fairy tales. The small box that completes the collection has been donated recently and is exceptionally modest – it was produced during the crisis of the 1980s, i.e. in the era of chocolate substitutes and makeshift packaging. Despite the unattractive box, chocolate figurines from Wedel were a sought after product.