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For authors

The editorial staff accepts paper submissions until 31 march of each year. The papers are then reviewed.

The procedure of reviewing treatises and papers is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The review procedure is implemented in confidentiality and is a double-blind process. The papers are reviewed by experts in the given field. Each review is presented on a form elaborated by the Editorial staff. By sending a paper to the Editorial staff of the Warsaw Almanac, the author consents to the review process, which is carried out in the following form:

  1. Preliminary assessment made by the Editorial staff with regard to formal requirements, with the author informed of whether their paper has been submitted to review or rejected.
  2. The paper, together with the assessment form, is submitted anonymously to two or more third-party reviewers, who are obliged not to use the knowledge of the paper in question before its publication in the Warsaw Almanac.
  3. Having received the reviews, the Editorial staff makes a decision to publish the paper or reject it.
  4. At the same time, the Editorial staff reserves the right to propose changes to the paper on the basis of their own opinions or the opinions of the reviewers, with the final decision to publish the text depending on the author’s implementation of the changes in question.
  5. After the final acceptance, the paper is subjected to content and language editing and copy-editing.

The Statement of Originality

The authors are also obliged to submit a proper statement of originality in which they disclose the involvement of other people, research institutions, and associations in the process of the creation of the paper, and in case of co-authored papers, to assess the percentage of each of the authors’ input (ghostwriting).