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Fri, 12.04.2024

Film projection
Muzeum Warszawy
free admission

Janko the Musician + In the Land of the 10th Muse | Timeless Film Festival Warsaw

Janko the Musician + In the Land of the 10th Muse | Timeless Film Festival Warsaw

As part of the Timeless Film Festival Warsaw, in the Framing the City section, we will show  two films: Janko the Musician and In the Land of the 10th Muse.

Village boy Janek has always loved music. For an alleged attempt to steal a violin, the boy is sent to a reform house. Many years later he’s a renowned violinist. Will his criminal past affect the love story with a famous chorus girl?

Janko The Musician is one of the first Polish sound films, yet after World War II only an incomplete, silent copy was known. Thanks to a sensational discovery of original records with the soundtrack and a meticulous reconstruction based on two incomplete copies, Janko the Musician regained its original form. Today it’s a very interesting example of a film made in the transitional period between silent and sound cinema.

Screened alongside In the Land of the 10th Muse (dir. Witold Dunin-Bredsznajder, Poland, early 1930s, 10 min). The actor shows what working on set looked like in the silent era, and the sound engineer shows how much has changed when sound entered the picture, and also demonstrates how sound is recorded on tape. In the Land of the 10th Muse is a unique behind-the-scenes which lets us take a look inside a pre-war film studio.

The screening will be announced by Michał Pieńkowski, who has been cooperating with the National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute since 2007, where he works as a filmographer and takes care of the pre-war film collection.

Free admission. Entrance tickets for all screenings on a given day will be available one hour before the start of the first screening of that day. A maximum of two entrance tickets per screening can be collected.

The screening will be in Polish with English subtitles.

Accessibility: people with mobility disabilities

Descriptions: Michał Pieńkowski

More information about Timeless Film Festival Warsaw: timelessfilmfestival.pl

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