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Marta Romankiv “Euroworkshop”

9 March - 30 July 2023
1PLN, free admission on Thursdays

Marta Romankiv “Euroworkshop”

Share your vision of Europe! Public speaking workshop for people with migration experience who live within the European Union. More information.

“Euroworkshop” is a project realised by Marta Romankiv.

The Lviv-born artist has been living, studying and working in Poland for years now. She asks migrants about their views on the future of Europe. She gives them the space to voice their opinions, so often marginalised in the public debate.

Together with people hailing from various corners of the globe, Marta Romankiv ponders over what the European Union can do to improve the quality of life of people who reside within its territory but are not holders of EU passports. In the videos recorded by the artist, the migrants talk about the limited civil rights and about the many inequalities they need to face on a daily basis.

The project envisages a presentation of several previously recorded interviews (i.a. in Kraków and in Poznań) as well as conducting further interviews at the Rynek 30 Gallery. It is an open project which constitutes a fragment of Romankiv’s doctoral dissertation. It was previously on display, i.a., at the Poznań Pavilion.

Marta Romankiv – born in 1995, an interdisciplinary artist, author of installations, video work and social situations.

She graduated in artistic pottery from the Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts. She continued her studies in Poland—at the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University in Kraków, and at the Academy of Art in Szczecin from where she obtained a Master’s degree. Marta is a doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

In her work, she focuses mainly on the topic of civil and labour rights. She is also interested in social exclusion in the context of migration as well as related identity issues. Her projects are most often participatory in nature and are at the crossroads of activism, social science and art.

Marta Romankiv’s exposition will be on display at the Rynek 30 Gallery at the Museum of Warsaw seat in the Old Town Market Square.

Rynek 30 Gallery offers a space for activity of young artists and curators. The diverse themes and means of expression are united by a fresh perspective and a reflection on the present. The Gallery is a meeting place and a link between the city’s past and what is most current in it.


Project participants: Walid Boussad – Валід Буссад, Liudmyla Kabanina – Людмила Кабаніна, Liza Konovalova – Ліза Коновалова, Abdallah Razik Omar – Абдалла Разік Омар, Liubov Savycka – Любов Савицька

Curator: Zofia Rojek

Photos: Mateusz Lipiński

Sound recordings: Tomasz Koszewnik

Record production: Monika Petryczko

Exhibition prouction: Marta Galewska

Multimedia: Piotr Szatyłowicz

Graphic design and poster: Joanna Bębenek

Implementation of the exhibition: Piotr Lipiński, Krzysztof Hernik, Ksenia Góreczna, Katarzyna Radecka, Leszek Sokołowski, Mariusz Stawski, Piotr Szatyłowicz

Avaibility: Katarzyna Szafrańska

Editing of texts: Urszula Drabińska

Translation of texts: Karol Waniek

Accompanying program: Wanda Kaczor, Dorota Migas-Mazur, Marta Romankiv, Zofia Rojek

Communication and marketing: Joanna Andruszko, Melissa Czaplicka, Matylda Dobrowolska, Agata Fijałkowska, Aleksandra Koszalska, Anna Ładna, Aleksandra Migacz, Milena Paszkowska, Filip Wielechowski-Olszak

Partner: Jet Line

The presented activities are part of Marta Romankiv’s doctoral research carried out at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Monika Zawadzka.