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04.07.2019 / News, Publications

ORNO Cooperative. Jewellery- a booklet accompanying the exhibition

ORNO Cooperative. Jewellery- a booklet accompanying the exhibition

Items featured in the exhibition illustrate the beginnings of the ORNO style and its metamorphoses prompted by changing fashions, the emergence of new inspirations and artistic personalities. Over 1600 displayed items include art objects, documents, photos, souvenirs, packaging and advertising leaflets which make up a colorful and multi-layered tale of ORNO’s history.

A booklet accompanying the exhibition contains the texts describing the specificity and ethics of the cooperative’s work. The examples of ORNO products present the characteristic features of jewelry and accessories manufactured since the 1950s for half a century. A detailed timeline with archival photographs shows the history of this Warsaw company and its employees.

The booklet is available in the Museum’s bookstore and online.

Texts: Agnieszka Dąbrowska, Monika Siwińska, Dr Anna Wiszniewska

Editing: Anna Wrońska

Translation/proofreading: Klementyna Dec/Zofia Sochańska

Postproduction of photos: Eliza Kowalska, Michał Matyjaszewski

Graphic design and typesetting: Jerzy Gruchot, Wojciech Koss (Full Metal Jacket)

Coordination: Małgorzata Mycielska

Published by the Museum of Warsaw

Warsaw 2019

ISBN 978-83-65777-77-5

print run 300 copies

52 pages, 46 photos