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29.03.2022 / News, Rynek 30 Gallery

Rynek 30 Gallery

Rynek 30 Gallery

Rynek 30 Gallery is a venue for young artists.

The gallery was created in a lounge of one of the tenement houses in the Old Town Square.

This new venue displays work by young artists and curators who address topics that are relevant and important from the point of view of residents of Warsaw. It is also a place of cooperation with NGOs, research and educational institutions.

Olga Micińska: The Guild

3 March – 28 August 2022

The Guild exhibition tells the story of a still non-existent guild of female carpenters and joiners – women who work with wood. According to the tradition of German travelling guilds, which is still alive today, an apprentice, having completed his training, would set off on a journey, travelling from one commission to another.

Olga Micińska turned the space of the Rynek 30 Gallery into a makeshift stop along the way of the imaginary ”guild” members. More information.

fot. Tomasz Kaczor

Sayam Gosh: How a Forest Returns

22 September 2021 – 30 January 2022

grafika z 4 trójkątów, najwyżej roślina na czarnym tle, niżej stare zdjęcie sosnowego lasu, kolejne grafika systemu korzeniowego, ostatnie konar drzewa wystający z wody

The exhibition launched the operation of Rynek 30 Gallery.

How a Forest Returns is a story about a unique experiment which has been going on for the past 60 years and involves Kampinos Forest, where a forest biosphere has been restored on an unprecedented scale. More information.